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October 14,2018

Working on the saying that  "There is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing" I decided to head up to Hatcher Pass.

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Negotiating a little riffle in the Grand Canyon

Maria is a self-employed CPA with 2 daughters and 3 grandsons. She was born in Ecuador and moved to the US when she was 2. She has lived in New York, California, the Virgn Islands, Texas, Florida, and Alaska. She scuba dives, sails, backpacks, kayaks, rafts, bicycles and just about anything else.

Skip is a self-employed general contractor. He's lived in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Missouri, South Carolina, Florida, and Alaska. He was an instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School for 11 years, teaching backpacking, mountaineering, rock climbing, kayaking etc. He also scuba dives, sails, bicycles and more.

Our Goals

This is a sunrise over the Chugach Mountains with the Matanuska River in the foreground. This is abo

In short, we want to live the lives of a hundred people and live the dreams of a million. We are both senior citizens and as our name implies, "We Ain't Done Yet".  Retirement is not a reason to stop living but to enjoy life to the fullest. It is our belief that as long as we keep going, we can keep going. We want to encourage other seniors to get out and  have their own senior adventure.

This site is not just about us, but about everyone who dreams of adventure no matter how big or small. Join in, ask questions, give comments. Want to tell others about a trip you took? Send it to us and we may include it in our blogs.

Favorite trips


This depends on which one of us you ask. Skip has many favorites, but the one that rates real high was the rafting trip down the Grand Canyon. It was a self-guided trip with 8  people in 4 boats, all of retirement age. The canyon is amazing, the geology, the vegetation, the animals. The power of the water is intoxicating. Maria even expressed a desire to learn to row and read the water to take her own boat down.

Maria's favorite would be the 3 weeks  that we spent in Italy in the spring  of 2017. "It was the first trip that I did with Skip that I considered a relaxing vacation with no fear of drowning, or being eaten by a bear". We used Airbnb for lodging and, aside from Rome, stayed at small villages and farms, spending 3 nights in each place. All the people we met were great. We got a rental car because a lot of the places that we visited didn't have public transportation. Maria was ready to retire and move to Italy

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